Fernando Doylet
Complete Work History



Position: Yellow Pages Agent Manager: Roberto Diaz Solis Junin 726 y Cordova Guayaquil - Ecuador

Starting at age 19, Edina trained me to prepare an approach before facing a client; to motivate an agreement and close the sale. Daily reports and competing for new or renewal sale volumes (by number of contracts or total contracted) were their main motivators.
After my second year camping; I went to New York City to learn English; went back to Ecuador, got married and started Marketing studies in the university.


Pionera de Publicidad

Position: Partnership Cdla. Kennedy, 8ava. oeste #108 Guayaquil - Ecuador

In a partnership with Roberto Chernez, chino Ajon, and ___; Pionera was a source of promotional advertising products, illuminated signs, commercial art, and a promotional ads-only free magazine.
The partnership was meant to provide a business name to the personal negotiations we were conducting in Edina; while expanding our activities time-frame.

My third partner (whose name is rejected by my memory) spent the money from a contract he didn't report, and we decided to stop operations.



Position: Partnership Professional Photo-Lab Cdla. Kennedy, 8ava. oeste #108 Guayaquil - Ecuador

A partnership with Richard Mieles, a professional photographer (collaborator on Pionera projects) taught me this art; and kept me active with my advertising contacts; while full-time student in Laica University.

I had to stop this line of work to work full-time at CEDEGE.


Correo Amistoso

Position: Owner/Programmer Contact: Rodrigo Tinoco Cdla. Kennedy, 8ava. oeste #108 Guayaquil - Ecuador

Started and maintained as a spare time hobby (with my new Commodore 128); creating a database and a computer matching service, became a long lasting experience.
My homemade code in Basic compared characteristics and priorities, reporting a few matches; while printing monthly mailings, including the list of new members.

My friend, Alfredo Arcentales; impressed with my work-at-home; prompted me to learn Cobol; and later promoted me as System Analyst at CEDEGE.



Position: System Analyst 2 Personnel: Alfredo Arcentales Malecon #106 y Loja Guayaquil - Ecuador (Telephones: 011-593-4... 304340 - 300078 - 304339)

Borroughs 9000 mainframe was the environment where I built two contract control systems from zero.
Interviews to obtain requirements; training those assigned to work with my user interface, feeding our database; and producing timely custom reports; where my duties apart from writing and expanding the code in Cobol.

Fast and reliable code was the reason I worked in after-hour special projects; until the day I quit CEDEGE to move with my family to the United States.


Mexican Restaurant

Position: Manager Assistant Owner: Ramon Bucio 2412 Catalpa Drive Dayton, OH 45406 (513)277-1476

Helping Ramon Bucio (a friend of the family) taking care of his business; while learning more programming languages; was my way to adapt to the life in the United States.


Dayton Power & Light

Position: Meter Reader Dayton, OH 45401

Jumping fences, escaping from Pit-Bulls, surviving a snow storm and visiting a different neighborhood every day was an adventure more than work. A great way to stay in shape.


Clinton Inn Hotel

Clinton Hotel Enterprises, Inc. Position: Maintenance & Banquets Manager: Antony Kierman, Eng. 145 Dean Drive Tenafly, NJ 07670 (201)871-3200

Fixing, Painting and Interior Remodeling was my 9 to 5 routine; and on weekends serving banquets. A year in New Jersey while processing my immigration documents.


Sewing Shop

Position: Developer Administrator Owner: Clemencia Auson 627 North "L" Street Lake Worth, FL 33407 (561)547-9054

As a full-time student to obtain an associate degree; I was helping my mother relocating her business from Ecuador to Dayton Ohio. Buying the store, remodeling, legal paperwork, advertising and promotion were my concerns.


Community College

Position: Laboratory Technician 444 W. Third St. Dayton, OH 45402-1455

Most of my time I was searching for answers to the questions the laboratory users had about the word processing software they were using; like word perfect, word, etc.



Position: Night Stocker Dayton OH branch 702 S.W. 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716

A no-brainer dynamic job to stay in shape and getting paid for it; a night activity to compensate the relaxing days in college.


Delta Data Net Inc.

Position: Quality Control Manager: Leo near Teterboro Airport branch 6647 Old Thompson Road Syracuse, New York 13211

Testing new connectors before shipping was my first technical job in New Jersey.


West Mount Country Club

Mountainview Caterers, Inc. Position: Banquet Service Owner: Antony Delgado Rifle Camp Road West Patterson, NJ 07424 (201)256-2700

Working as a banquets waiter at night and on weekends; I had plenty of time to search for a computer related work on the mornings, while taking care of a Davila Travel branch.


EcuaDavila Travel

Position: Branch Manager Owner: Washington Davila 114 Tonnelle Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306 (201)333-9088

I created a Courier Manifest program writen in C language to produce customers bills, receipts, baggage reports and instant international money transfer fax processing.

Other duties: Airline tickets sales; international courier packages sending and receiving; international money transfers; Promotion and Spanish translation services.


Oser Communications
Group, Inc.

Hampton International Communications Position: Computer Wizard Contact: Kim Forrester 211 E. 43St., NYC 10017 (212)682-7350

Using PC-File 6.5 and WinFax Professional with OCR; I created personalized fax announcements to be sent overnight from my unattended PC. Resolving errors, resending and improving the filing system were my spare time activities.


The Leading Hotels
of The World, Ltd.

HRI Hotel Representative International Position: Programmer Manager: Mercedes Yordan 99 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 (212)515-5600

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Enterprise Lodge #31
F. & A. M.

Position: WebMaster Secretary: Michael F. Rems 87 Hutton Street Jersey City, NJ 07307 (201)659-9727

Web Site design and promotion.


New Jersey
Fu-Jow Pai, Inc.

Position: WebMaster Owner: SiFu Vizzio 3408 Bergenline Avenue Union City, NJ 07087 (201)867-2319

Web Site creation and maintenance.


KOS Pharmaceutical

Position: Database Programmer Contact: ConsultIS Boca Raton 1615 S. Federal Highway, Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33432

Repaired and improved impaired MS Access 97 Database; developing new tables and macros, new objects on forms and reports. Imported information from Excel; and created Word merged document templates.


Palm Beach Club

Position: Banquets Server Contact: Invision Personnel 2112 S. Congress Avenue, Suite 208 West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (561)968-0505

Banquets Service.


First Call For Help

Position: Information Director CEO: Kathy Gent 16 SE 13th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (561)524-8371

In charge of the Countywide Resources Inventory Database, using IRissoft.com FoxPro interface for data-entry crew and reporting with MS Access 97 and 2000; building the agency HTML coded web site, and providing continuous computer support.



Position: RF Technician Contact: Adecco at Motorola 8000 Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33322 (954) 776-5502

Electronic PCB components technician on graveyard shift.


Broward Schools

Position: Programmer IV Contact: Brian Sullivan 7720 W Oakland Park Blvd Sunrise, FL 33351 (754)321-0475

Started maintaining Mainframe Legacy Financial Systems in Cobol, JCL, Easytrive, using Olle interface and BIM transfers. Helped the Central Computer Room updating routine FTP instructions as needed. Troubleshooted and fixed failing XML routines needed for bank records transmission. Participated in Starling and Data Warehouse initiatives.

Developed four complete and secure Database Workflow Intranet Web applications using JSP, Java, JavaScript, SQL and HTML: 1) Created the intranet interface to make the central computer room Change Control System paperless. 2) Built the Records Retention central database to replace their paper archive system. 3) Started an automated notification system for Financial Systems Development control. 4) Produced intranet forms to gather information from Charter Schools, like yearly reports and records retention requests.

Learned and Managed SAP Workflows. Obtained 9 SAP Certificates (BC400, BIT600, BIT601, BIT603, BIT610, HR280, JA300, JA310, NET31U). Participated in the systems conversion process from AS400 and other independently maintained databases to SAP ERP using ABAP.


Van On Demand

Position: Web Developer Contact: Ruben Toledo 757 SE 17th Street #815 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (954)323-4113

Designed and coded their port operations work web interface, while traveling overseas, following their archived hand-written documents and detailed verbal explanations. With minimal reviews from test to alpha and beta versions, the system was placed in production environment to facilitate the immediate storing of the information and produce reports.

The system's information is stored in a MySQL database, managed using JSP in a NetBeans IDE, to dynamically create and send web pages with a combination of HTML, Java and JavaScript routines.

Additionally, I publish the schedule of the ships to be served and the weekly port newsletters on their Joomla website at vanondemand.net

Other Work Contacts

Charles Stough

Wife: Alicia Stough Dayton, OH 45406 (513)278-6412

Files System Upgrade from Atari to Tandy.


Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 4 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036 (212)997-7663

1997 Festival Promoter

Nunez Dental Clinic

Owners: Dra. Maritza & Jorge Nuņez (718)565-6740

Computer Training

Salem Jewelers

Owner: Ronald Wojcik 523 Salem Avenue Dayton, OH 45406 (513)277-0542


True World Group

Contact: Mr. Yutaka Okoda 481 8th Avenue, 6th Floor New York, NY 10001 (212)868-2222

Web Site design.



While in charge of Firs Call For Help LAN with users 24/7 reporting phantom or other situations interfering with their productivity, I proposed that each user should at least study the standard Windows Tutorial on their spare time; since their Manager opposed my idea, I built an intranet web page with that and other recommendations, set an icon on each terminal and invited them to explore it in their spare time; that picked the interest of most users and their problems decreased significantly.

First time Monday morning Buenos Aires office was sending corrupted data strings to The Leading Hotels in New York without apparent reason and no declared change during the weekend to their terminals; further analysis of the corrupted data string showed that the date variable was reversed. I sent a short routine to capture the setup of one of their terminals where I found that the language was set to Spanish, so I sent them written instructions with screen pictures to switch their PC language to English which solved the problem immediately.

To avoid thousands of records backlog during hurricanes while First Call For Help has to relocate to the EOC Emergency Operations Center, I was asked to determine if that was possible. Due to County security, I was not allowed to transfer the database via FTP File Transfer Protocol over the Internet; they don't have the same backup system, so the backup tape was not an option either. The only option left was to move the database in a large disk but portable disks were not large enough, so I took their LapTop, made enough space in its hard drive and transferred the database using LapLink. It took me several hours to transfer the whole database, but after that only updates were enough to keep the remote and local databases in sink.

Since Windows 95 started, most PC users I had to work got their computers frozen once in a while and they were used to power down using the power button; where I found it to be critical was in The Leading Hotels at about 1:30pm every day they had to put their current telephone reservation on-hold while restarting their terminals. Knowing that trend, their Supervisor let me experiment with some terminals first and once with all to make them wait and time the self recovery process; we determined that most machines continued working before the 5 minutes mark. Then I installed an automated elimination of temporary files and scanning to fix problems at startup which improved significantly their recovery time; anyhow, the Reservationists were told to continue logging their waiting times every day to keep the DP Data Processing department informed; with that proof, DP obtained budget approval for new Servers to improve their response time.

After observing several energy fluctuations; some of them shutting down breakers; I immediately requested an electrician's inspection and power backup systems for all First Call For Help terminals. After the electrical repairs, the power backup systems were denied, so I searched and found a Server log to show continuing power fluctuations and obtained the purchase approval.

To respond accusations of inaccurate information in the database I was responsible for at First Call For Help, I asked for a day or two to investigate; most of the time I found the right explanation; but on at least one situation I had to apologize for the mistake, offer a personalized attention to the information details and provided timely verification and follow up.

Every other week my department at the Leading Hotels sent software version updates to all their offices around the world and when the changes became critical, we checked for the current version before starting transactions; to our surprise, Australia was not updated; they claimed the update process on weekends over the network took too long for every terminal to comply. I wrote short routines with instructions to install an icon on each office master computer, used the icon to take the version update into a floppy disk and make it self executable. With that floppy all they had to do is power down their terminals and start them up with the floppy disk to obtain the update; after testing the process in New York, it was successfully adopted by all offices, saving processing time.

A temp agency sent me to a client to repair their database; to my surprise, it was a MS Access 97, a new version for me. With that monster in front of me, I went through its on-line help and in a couple of hours I was able to unlock it and do the crippled work it was doing before; I told them my lack of experience in that new version and if they wanted me there, I needed a book or two to learn more. I found what I needed on the web and they bought the books at lunch time. In about a Month they had their database configured as they wanted and even linked to Word form letters.