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Date: 20.05.2012 08:59
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Remember the first time in school enrollment, other little brothers and sisters are partners with the school, the mother does not worry, I was born in rural areas fear not seen the world, timid, afraid, afraid to sign up, just take my hand to school, I signed up for. He taught me that, now read, and courage to be bigger, to see the teacher to know to call, to get along well with the students to carefully read the books, determined to be a useful person. Probably read the third grade, I made progress in learning, is the first of several decimal class students to wear the red scarf, when I excitedly waving bright red scarf chest Annunciation to the mother, the mother pushed me embrace arms, not without pride that I children Yes, it is the young pioneers, showing great promise. After this is to remember, the chance to read seriously good, with good results and no one likes. She also encouraged me not to be proud, good results should be maintained, for great progress. Mother no culture, do not know, "Yen Hui to school for fun", "Meng Mu moved three" story in history, but she has patience, to encourage children to read good books. As a rural women, which at that time really is amazing. That year enlisted mother very regret. Thousands of miles away to go to the frontier, a few years have not see the surface, which the mother could not bear parting. But my mother than other parts of the mother of his son seems more fondly, secretly behind my back, Maguo many tears. That departure, she would never regret Nan Yi inner feelings, take my hand and burst into tears, choked told: to force a man out, to learn to take care of yourself, remember always to write home letter, lest miss home. To obey the leadership, striving to be a good soldier. That mother farewell mood infected me, and my eyes filled with tears, could not nod. I asked the mother to the army, always keep in mind, put into practice, a few years his military life, the mother did not live up to expectations, to become a qualified soldier. I retired to return home to participate in the work. When I first full month's wages to the mother, she was holding one of the few money tears, excited and pleased to say: My son finally got a job, you can make money themselves earning a living, no longer I'm worried. My mother had fixed parts of the work and happy, happy. She shared my joy when, cautioned: to find a job is not easy, you want to know the treasure, whatever we do to be active in the unit, not dragging, lazy, do not mind getting the job. With the progress in my work a few years later, in the hands of the point a little power. My mother grew up in was pleased at the same time, in all earnestness he said to me: our family for generations, farming background, in your generation have a little improvement, do not forget this, not cocky. To work fair, clear vain, clean. Those difficulties and poor people want more than the care and compassion, help to help life be more plot points Virtue. Mother is the way life into the truth in life Yung nag and taught to their children's quality of life and tolerance, let us familiar with the inside of the heart. I came to the ups and downs for decades, so do not go to a big detour, it is due to the mother's persuasive teachings. Later, we grew up married, having children, and the mother again all of the focus on the things our children, let us make time, regardless of the heart into the work. She patiently, patiently and carefully, like an old general Chu Yan Yan feeding the child with a big one, the grandmother of love and warmth grandchildren sprinkled the body. When we see mothers with children without Bi Xinlao, make life difficult for the heart, the mother said: grandchildren, although suffering is suffering, but the pain in music, I would like to do. As long as you can wholeheartedly in the work, do not go wrong, my heart more than anything else happy. Mother is with life energy, as the sun shone warm love of the sons and daughters body. Lighthouse as our life on the road, she illuminates our future, like a fire in the winter, to give us warm, and temperature, so that we always feel life guidelines rely on. I always stubbornly believe that, I thought, aesthetics, the world, life is formed, not entirely by the accumulation of a book and a lesson from, which has long been the mother's nagging long or short or dark or light guide, or illness severe color or earnest teachings, these accumulated words and deeds, and educational classroom with books on a series from my whole life from the vague to the clear understanding of global thinking from piecemeal to, from messy to complete stylistic rules. Formed a sublime identification and understanding, thereby selecting the correct path in life resolute efforts.

Later, the old mother, like dandelion, leaving only a short standing outside, show the world Guanghua gone. But for children lick calf was feeling even more intense, worried about all the time is not around the sons and daughters of some of the difficult life always worrying about misses. Around seventy-seven, the mother suffers from brain stem, were taken to hospital for treatment, but he was afraid to spend money to children who do not want to stay long in the hospital down, only a few days rest and recovery time insisted to go home, but in our strongly held, but also to cure a course, and returned home. After returning home, according to the doctor's request, the mother insisted hands and feet movement, holding exercise time, combined with some medication gradually restored. Later, she insisted on cooking your own meals, not to waste time sons and daughters serving, simply use her insistence, perseverance and tenacity to reduce the burden of the sons and daughters.
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